Stop Negative Thoughts from Keeping You Up at Night and Ruining Your Day

If you've tried Aromatherapy unsuccessfully...
If Relaxation Techniques aren't providing relief...
If you want a way to
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  • A quick method to change negative thinking so you can feel less stressed and stop negative thoughts immediately

Combined, Andrea and I have over 30 years of knowledge and expertise coaching and teaching people, like you, strategies and techniques to stop unwanted negative thoughts, become less stressed, reduce anxiety, have more energy, be more focussed, and find the relief they have been searching for when trying to overcome their anxiety.


"Catherine and Andrea are highly knowledgeable in their craft and they truly care about helping others. The beautiful thing about their chemistry is that they have modalities that truly help move the mind, body and spirit. I received so many incredible tools – especially with being in the present moment and creating a radical shift in a series of moments! Catherine and Andrea’s chemistry brought forth a dimension of learning that truly brought my awareness and knowledge to the next level. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what they have created and I feel so honored to have participated. I highly invite you to learn more about what they are offering. I assure you that you will appreciate yourself for doing that!!"

Robert Alexander
Audio alchemist, designer and founder @LifeRhythms

"The Strategies
Panic Erase Method
Information on Anxiety
This was so helpful, I cannot tell you how grateful I am.
This was wonderful, thank you so much!"

Testimonials From Reset and Relax Workshop

Reduce Your Anxiety Fast

Stop Trying the Same Relaxation Technique Over and Over Again Without Relief

If you’ve been getting stuck in emotion or a never ending mind loop, you probably think that you are doing something wrong, or that something might be wrong with you.  You may have tried relaxation techniques and other tips only to be disappointed when they don’t work.  Stop trying the same relaxation techniques over and over, only to feel more discouraged when they don’t work.

Instead Try Our Starter Guide

Catherine Gruener as seen on

Hi, I'm Catherine, a Psychotherapist of 25 years, and I've teamed up with my friend and aromatherapy expert, Andrea, to offer you Relief from your Anxiety

Catherine Gruener, M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, PDTC

Catherine, the owner of Gruener Consulting, combines her knowledge from 2 masters degrees, one in neuropsychology and second in clinical counseling with 25 years of experience in mental health and international community mental health, as a licensed and nationally certified clinical professional counselor to provide you with transformative trainings that use heart-centered, research-based practical tools to help you overcome any obstacle.

Andrea Warren, AIA, CHWC, CABC, AFT

Andrea Warren is an expert aromatherapist with almost two decades of personal and professional experience. In addition to her BS in Natural Health Sciences, she is certified through the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy as well as holds certificates in Health and Wellness coaching, Chakra Healing and Animal Behavior. Andrea will show you how to incorporate the powerful chemical-free tool of aromatherapy into your family and everyday life to make health and wellness changes you never knew were possible.


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